Mahala Urban Hike

Mahala Urban Hike



Tour overview

From the impressive Austro-Hungarian buildings of the city, we walk through the mahalas, the old Ottoman neighbourhoods and up to great viewpoints over Sarajevo. Your guide will tell you a lot about the history of Sarajevo and show you how people lived (lived) in the city then and now! From the city centre to nature in less than an hour – through neighbourhoods that seem like villages, up high into the forest and then back, past small neighbourhood mosques and historical monuments. This is exactly what awaits you on our Urban Hike!

5 kilometers

Optional lunch in tradiotional Bosnian restaurant with a view

Free cancellation up to 48 hours in advance

Your tour itinerary

Sacred Heart Cathedral
Meeting point is at the cathedral – there are already the first exciting facts to tell about this city, the Jerusalem of the Balkans, before you set off for the mahalas. These typical Ottoman neighborhoods of Sarajevo cling to the surrounding mountains with their houses and tell exciting stories of multiculturalism, diversity and cohesion! You will discover Sufi monasteries, Jewish homes and gardens where goats graze and vegetables are grown.
Café 105
This urban hike then takes you up to Café 105: a place steeped in history and one of the most beautiful views over Sarajevo! There you enjoy a little refreshment, exchange the impressions of the first part of the hike – and take photos. Freshly strengthened, then starts the descent – past old trenches and other great viewpoints of the canyon of the Miljacka River. On this part of the hike you can expect insights into the siege of Sarajevo in the 90s.
Mahala Sedrenik
Hike ends at Mahala Sedrenik – with a typical Bosnian lunch and rakija tasting with a phenomenal view (if you want)!

Please note: The minimum group size is three people. We reserve the right to cancel tours that do not meet the minimum group size – except for private tours. Did you want to book a private tour with friends or as a couple only? This is also possible on request. 

Please wear comfortable shoes and bring a water bottle. There will be opportunities to refill along the way. In summer, please remember sunscreen and a hat.

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