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Bosnia and Herzegovina tour

Tastes and heartbeats of Bosnia & Herzegovina

Discover memorable tastes and feel the heartbeat of beautiful Bosnia & Herzegovina. See a strong spirit of a country that was torn by war, thriving and offering fascinating sceneries. Meet local people who will tell you incredible stories and whose hearts will continue to warm your heart even when you come back home. Explore Sarajevo’s diversity, let it excite you, and open your soul to local customs and people. Feel Mostar's mystic spirit and travel through time in the Old town. Breathe Livno's fresh air and meet new local galloping friends in the mountains above. Enjoy in the mountain city of Kupres, which will offer you a myriad of exciting activities. Meet Fojnica's monks at the Franciscan Monastery and have lunch at their wine cellar. Let Visoko's energy fuel you up and let a local show you that pyramids don't exist only in Egypt.

Your must-see and feel highlights

Fun Experience: Mushroom hunt above Sarajevo, Coppersmith handcraft workshop in Sarajevo, Visit to Tito's bunker in Konjic, Wild horses tour in Livno, Bike tour/Skiing/Horse riding/Hiking in Kupres, Spa in Fojnica, Guided meditation or yoga class in Visoko, Canoe safari in Trebižat Food Experience: City & Gourmet tour in Sarajevo, Cook&eat with locals in Sarajevo, Local wine tasting in Čitluk, Local rakia & cheese tasting at Kupres, Lunch at the monastery with monks in Fojnica, Sip&paint with traditional music in Čitluk

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